PSI lined pipe can be supplied completely fabricated at our factory to the customer’s specified length, ready for installation. However, if the user is unable to determine in advance what specific lengths are required for various spool pieces, he can obtain PSI field flare pipe and tooling through our distributors and fabricate it to the desired length at the job site. These field flared pipe spools can be used with the PSI factory-made pipe spools and fittings described in the PSI LP&F Design Manual.  PSI supplies field flare pipe lined with different moveable liner materials (PTFE, PPL, PVDF and PFA) and can be fabricated with threaded, welded or lap joint flanges*. The finished piping has identical performance (pressure/temperature/vacuum)  as our standard factory-made pipe spools. Field flare pipe is Flange x Flange, Flange x Plain-End and Plain-Ends. 


It is important that the proper procedures and techniques are carefully adhered to as described in our field flare fabrication procedures, in order to achieve full performance capabilities of the finished assembly. Any deviation may result in unsatisfactory service life, failure or personnel and/or equipment hazard.  Operators that field fabricate must be factory certified.  Training is available both on site or at the PSI factory.  For more information, please contact your local PSI distributor.



Fabrication with lap joint flanges are for Conrac ends.  “Conrac” machines are manufactured by Conrac Corporation, Division of PHI, City of Industry, California .


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