Dip Pipes


PSI manufactures PTFE lined and covered steel dip pipes, for loading, unloading and transferring fluids in vessels and reactors. By combining the strength of steel, and PTFE liner; our dip pipes provide universal chemical resistance to corrosive environments and can also add the ability to withstand the forces of agitation.


PSI manufactures PTFE lined and covered steel spargers designed to distribute gas or liquid through drilled holes . Drilling patterns are customized for specific flow rates and service conditions. Our spargers have a solid PTFE bottom head and are jacketed to withstand mechanical punishment and high velocity distribution forces. 


Thermowells are the simplest accessory used in the industrial temperature application measurement . PSI manufactures PTFE lined and covered steel thermowell baffles to provide an isolation between a temperature sensors and the corrosive environments and allows sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising the existing process.

Mixing Tee Nozzles

PSI mixing tees are used to introduce chemicals to a process system. The solid PTFE nozzle is specially designed to disperse the chemicals uniformly into the process.

Nozzle Liners

PSI nozzle liners provide excellent protection for glass-lined, ceramic and coated nozzles. Our PTFE high corrosion resistance nozzle liner protects existing or  damage glass nozzles with a smooth surface finish.

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